Ryley’s Pull List 4/11/12 - Vertigo and Image Comics

  • Peter Panzerfaust #3 - Last issue ramped up the action with plenty of warfare between Peter, the Lost Boys, and the invaders they’re running from. We were left with a rather shocking conclusion which turned a seemingly safe getaway into a matter of life and death, and now we get to see just who made it out alive, and what happens next. Plus, who’s this woman on the cover? 
  • Saga #2 - Issue #1 of Brian K Vaughn’s new ongoing series blew me away, and I’ve been highly anticipating it’s return this month. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, TV-Headed robots, and family drama! Saga has it all, and it’s fantastic, and I think any comic fan would do well to pick it up.
  • Saucer Country #2 - Making a bit more of a subdued debut last month, Paul Cornell’s new ongoing series, Saucer Country, was also pretty impressive. This one is more like a comic for X-Files fans as we mix political intrigue with realistic accounts of Alien Abduction. It’s not a lighthearted series by far, but it’s sure to be one of the more intellectually impressive things coming out of Vertigo’s next herd of new books. 
  • Severed HC - Scott Snyder’s horror series from Image Comics is finally available in hardcover! If you’ve been enjoying Snyder on Batman, Swamp Thing, American Vampire, or all three (like me) then you might want to grab this book. 
  • Strange Talent of Luthor Strode TPB - Luthor Strode got a fair amount of attention when the miniseries was being released, but I wasn’t among the ones reading it. Now I, and anyone else who didn’t grab it in singles, will be able to check it out! Remember those old ads in comic books that would let wimpy guys beef up so you can beat up the bullies? Well, this series takes a look at a kid who went ahead and tried one of those programs… and it works!
  • The Unwritten #36 - In the aftermath of the War of the Words it seems the world just isn’t the same anymore. We’ll get to see the effects of Tommy’s most recent fight and how it effects all of the fictional worlds and characters we’ve met in the past. 
  1. nomi-malone said: I’m so pumped up for Saga too! Can’t wait…
  2. letloosethekraken said: I am really keen to read more Saga. I think I might pick up Saucer Country and give it a go.
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