Wonder Woman: Year One is due out by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette in 2013

Here’s some of what Morrison has to say on the character:

So Marston had all these ideas and it was very deep, there was a book by him which was hidden in the DC Comics vaults because they didn’t really want anyone to see it, and a friend of mine at DC sneaked it out for me one time. And it’s this thing, and honestly you can’t read it, it’s deranged, it’s like the guys just done mescaline or something, talking about his sexual theories.

…But then Marston died, and that energy left the strip, it just disappeared… when you took the sex out of Wonder Woman, the thing went flat. And the sales died immediately after Marston himself died and never ever recovered.

… I think I’ve found a way, but I’m not gonna tell you what I’ve done because hopefully the Wonder Woman series will be out next year sometime or thereabouts. But I think I’ve found a way to get all that back in again but it took a lot of reading. This has been the hardest project I’ve ever done.

That Superman’s meant to be this ultimate expression of masculinity and he still gets to be sexual, while Wonder Woman’s meant to be the ultimate expression of womanhood and yet she isn’t allowed anything to do with sex.

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